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  • Havay Group Successfully Passed the Certification of Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprises in Shandong Province


    Organized by the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province, the identification of technological innovation demonstration enterprises in Shandong Province in 2021 was carried out, and 122 enterprises were selected and identified as technological innovation demonstration e Read More

  • Working together to overcome the difficulties, Havay will act again


    Since the beginning of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, the prevention and control of the epidemic has entered a critical period and a critical period. The current epidemic has a mission to shoulder. Tai'an Havay Group Co., Ltd. established an epidemic prevention and control team on January 23 before the Spring Festival, formed an epidemic prevention and control plan, and coordinated and coordinated the company's epidemic prevention and control work. Resolutely focus on epidemic prevention and control as the most important task at present, effectively control the prevention and control, comprehensively build \"firewall\", firmly build up\"safety net\". At the same time, actively participate in the joint defense and joint control of society, and contribute to the Havay forces to win the epidemic battle. Read More

  • Tai'an Havay was selected as one of the top 50 outstanding private enterprises in Tai'an


    In order to thoroughly implement the relevant spirit of the central and provincial and municipal committees on promoting the development of the private economy, to keep abreast of the current status of the development of our private economy, to show the achievements and contributions of the development of our private economy, the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, The 2019 Agricultural and Rural Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration, and the Municipal Taxation Bureau jointly selected the 2019 Top 50 Private Enterprises in Tai'an. After several layers of selection, the selection list was determined and announced on September 26. Tai'an Havay The Group Co., Ltd. was listed. Read More

  • The launching ceremony of the Havay Group Safety Production Monthly event was held


    June 2018 is my country's seventeenth safety production month. In the morning of June 1, 2018, Taian Havay Group held a grand opening ceremony of the \"\"Safe Production Month\"\" event in front of the group office building. The management personnel of some departments and some employees participated in this ceremony together. Read More

  • Warm congratulations to Havay Group for being listed in the \"Three Strong\" enterprises in Tai'an


    In February 2018, it was learned from the document issued by the government that the top three strong offices [2018] No. 5 \"Announcement on Announcement of the List of the \"Top Three Companies in the City in 2018\"\", Havay Group was included in the city by the city of Tai'an. Strong\" enterprise. Read More

  • Havay R&D Center was awarded \"Enterprise Technology Center\"


    Recently, the company's research and development center was recognized as \"Taian City Choline Chloride and Iodine Series Industrial Technology Research Institute\" by the Tai'an Science and Technology Bureau; and \"Feed Additive Engineering Laboratory\" by the Tai'an Development and Reform Commission, Shandong Province SME The bureau recognized it as \"\"one enterprise, one technology\"\" R&D center, and won the award, and was recognized as the \"enterprise technology center\" by Tai'an Economic and Information Commission. Read More

  • City supervision team visited Havay for investigation


    On April 16, Tang Tao, the director of the Municipal Government Supervision Office, and his party visited Tai'an Havay Group Co., Ltd. to conduct on-site investigations on the key projects to be started in the spring of 2020. , District Government Research Office, District Development and Reform Bureau, District Statistics Bureau, District Key Project Office, Dawenkou Industrial Park and other relevant leaders accompanied. Read More

  • Havay Group won two more awards


    In order to further strengthen the management of feed production enterprises, create a lawful, self-disciplined, honest and trustworthy market order and credit environment, gradually establish a feed industry credit system and credit management operation mechanism to reduce the cost of social information, according to the \"Shandong Feed Enterprise Credit Rating Evaluation Management\" \"Measures\", after voluntary declaration, industry association recommendation, expert review and publicity, Shandong Feed Industry Association evaluated the 2020 \"Shandong Feed Enterprise Credit Rating AAA\" enterprises. Taian Havay Group Co., Ltd. has been rated as an AAA enterprise for three consecutive years since 2018. Read More

  • Havay Group was selected into the list of high-end brand cultivation enterprises in Shandong Province in 2020


    On May 8, Shandong Province's 2020 \"China Brand Day\" event released the list of high-end brand cultivation enterprises in Shandong Province in 2020, and Tai'an Havay Group Co., Ltd. was selected as the list of high-end brand cultivation enterprises in Shandong Province in 2020. Read More

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