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  • Strengthen competitive advantage, comprehensively promote \"3 increase 3 reduce\" work


    Due to the increasingly fierce market competition and rapid technological changes, in order to further improve the company's competitiveness, strengthen the company's goal orientation, process advancement and results assessment, improve the equipment and equipment quality and improve the operating process by improving the level of automation, information and intelligence , Time management and optimization staff to comprehensively improve production and operation efficiency and reduce production and operation costs, Taian Havay Group Co., Ltd. fully carried out \"3 increase 3 reduction\" work: Read More

  • Havay animal nutrition products are recognized as high-quality brand products in Shandong


    In order to promote the improvement of product quality and service quality, and promote the supply-side structural reforms, the nutritional products of Tai'an Havay Group Co., Ltd. were identified as the high-quality brand products of Shandong in 2019 after a strict review by the Shandong Quality Evaluation Association. Read More

  • In the severe period of epidemic, the commendation meeting for employees of "Brave act" was held


    On March 17th, the Hanwei Group held a simple and sonorous commendation ceremony to commend employees who adhered to their posts in order to protect the urgently needed epidemic prevention materials and production materials in society during the most severe period of the epidemic. Yang Lin, the person in charge and deputy general manager of \"Front Headquarters\" who continued to stick to his post, chaired the commendation meeting, and various departments sent representatives to participate. Read More

  • Provincial supervision and inspection team visited Havay to inspect epidemic prevention and control and resume work


    On the morning of March 10th, Zhang Enqun, a second-level inspector of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, visited Tai'an Hanwei to supervise and inspect our company's epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production. Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology Pang Songtao, Liu Limei, Gao Xiang, Municipal Industry and Information Bureau Huang Zhengyu, Zhang Bin, Liu Yuanyuan, Zheng Yuanxiang, Daiyue District Qian Zhenhua, Bai Andong, Dawenkou Industrial Park, etc. Read More

  • The groundbreaking ceremony of the Havay Industrial Park project was held


    On the morning of February 19, the ceremony for the start of the key projects in the spring of 2020 in Daiyue District and the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Havay Industrial Park project were held in the land of the Hanwei Industrial Park project. Tai Gui leaders Zhou Guiping, Liu Honghai, Daiyue District leaders Liu Changsong, Wang Changyong, Kong Fanhong, Xu Yongtao, Li Xiaojun, Liu Lin, Liu Canyu, Sun Qilong, Dawenkou Industrial Park leader Zhu Yingwen, etc. attended the event and laid the foundation for the project. Construction partners and group representatives lined up to participate. Read More

  • Leaders of Provincial Department of Commerce visited Havay for investigation


    On May 23, Xia Bingjun, director of the Fair Trade Department of the Provincial Department of Commerce, second-level investigator Li Haiyan, deputy director Zhang Xigong, fourth-level investigator Guo Yingying, chief staff member Xu Yanlong, and Zhang Peng visited Tai'an Hanwei Group. Accompanied by Han Xu, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Regulatory Research Section of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Qian Zhenhua, deputy head of Daiyue District, Xu Kui, deputy director of the Bureau of Commerce of Daiyue District, and the main leaders of Dawenkou Industrial Park. Read More

  • Havay Group was awarded the vice chairman unit of the Taian City Enterprise and Entrepreneurs Association


    On May 22, Zhang Ping, Secretary-General of the former Municipal Government of Tai'an City, and Wang Xinlin, former Director of the Beijing Office, visited Tai'an Hanwei Group to investigate the resumption of production and operation of the company, and cooperated with the enterprises and entrepreneurs of Tai'an City of Hanwei Group. The vice-president unit awarded the card. Read More

  • Yancheng People's Congress visited Havay for investigation


    On May 21, Deputy Director Zou Yishi of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Yancheng City and his delegation visited Tai'an Havay Group to investigate the work of safety production, \"one law and one rule\", law enforcement inspection and special enquiries. The chairman of the Municipal Social Construction Committee Relevant leaders from Xu Xin, Daiyue District and Dawenkou Industrial Park accompanied them.

    The leaders and the team went deep into the field to investigate the first-level risk management and control area of Havay Group Company, the raw material storage tank area, and listen to Tian Miao, deputy general manager of Tai'an Hanwei Group Co., Ltd., about the company's basic situation and work safety. Read More

  • Leaders of Municipal Industry and Information Bureau and Science and Technology Bureau visited Havay Group


    The leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology came to investigate the technical upgrading project

    On May 26, Guo Qingmin, a second-level investigator from the Industrial and Information Bureau of Tai'an City, visited GHW's Tai'an Havay Group Co., Ltd. and was accompanied by relevant responsible leaders of the Municipal Industrial and Information Bureau and Dawenkou Industrial Park.

    Director Guo and his party first listened to Sun Guibin, chairman of the Havay Group, on the company's basic situation report, especially the investment in the technical reform and upgrading and technological innovation of the entire project and the continuous ongoing time. Over the years, Havay has adhered to the concept of technology and innovation as its core competitiveness, and has continued to increase investment in R&D funds, especially during the R&D challenge, resisting huge pressures, and overcoming many product technologies and breaking foreign monopolies. Read More

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