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Warm congratulations to Havay Group for being listed in the \"Three Strong\" enterprises in Tai'an

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In February 2018, it was learned from the document issued by the government that the top three strong offices [2018] No. 5 \"Announcement on Announcement of the List of the \"Top Three Companies in the City in 2018\"\", Havay Group was included in the city by the city of Tai'an. Strong\" enterprise.

The document pointed out that \"three strong\" refers to \"strong regional pulling power, strong industry competitiveness, and strong fiscal and tax contribution ability\". The supporting policies include seven major aspects: increasing financial support, providing financing guarantee, supporting enterprise innovation, encouraging enterprise development, focusing on element resources, consolidating talent support, and optimizing the development environment. Establish a directional contact mechanism for one district leader and one district direct department to help enterprises one-on-one. Through a series of policies and measures, promote enterprises to become stronger, bigger and better as soon as possible.

Havay Group was included in the city's \"three strong\" enterprises, indicating that the company is strong in regional pulling power, industry competitiveness, and fiscal and tax contribution capabilities. This is not only another honor for the company, but also the pressure and motivation for the company to accelerate its development. This not only creates a relaxed development environment for the company's future development, but also requires the company to accelerate the conversion of new and old kinetic energy, product upgrades, and rapid development.

The Xiongguan Mandao is really like iron, but now it is moving from scratch. Havay Group will take the opportunity of being included in the \"Three Strong\" companies to accelerate the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, improve quality and efficiency, and make Hanwei stronger and bigger.

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