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R & D Center

      With technology and innovation as its core competitiveness, Havay Group has established a research and development center in accordance with GLP standards.The company has a professional and experienced R&D team, which has over 10 masters and bachelor graduates led by industry-leading experts. They are responsible for product development research and process technology upgrades. To ensure the orderly development, series promotion, and new technology reserves of the company's new products, we are committed to achieving the technological leading position of products in the global industry.

       Havay Group strongly supports R & D personnel to participate in professional training of external research institutions, continuously strengthen cooperation with major universities and research institutions, and timely understand and master the industry's advanced technology and development trends, and jointly promote technology research and development innovation and production transformation.

       Havay group to strengthen R & D echelon construction, the introduction of industry leaders continues to increase the recruitment of technical personnel with rich experience in the chemical industry to participate in company’s R&D, engage in later-stage product development, cooperate with professionals in scientific research institutions and universities to enhance the company's research and development capabilities. At present, the scientific research and technical personnel of Havay account for about 30% of the total staff.

       Strengthen communication and coordination between the R&D and marketing and production team are essential. This allows us a timely understanding of both market and production needs and granting Havay the ability to create clear market objectives and achieve target goals. The practice of Havay technological and product leadership, laid the foundation for creating a professional, sophisticated and cutting-edge "Hanwei Intelligent Manufacturing".
R & D results and strength R & D Strength And Results

R & D strength and results

       The patent applications completed so far include: 56 domestic patent applications; 1 international patent PCT; 47 authorized patents, 4 of which are invention patents. We have obtained 20 domestic scientific and technological achievements appraisal and novelty, reserved dozens of new product achievements, and many products have broken foreign monopolies and filled the gap of domestic market. The Havay R & D team will continuously improves technology, optimizes production processes, improves production efficiency, and provides continuous power support for the development of the enterprise. 

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