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123 Environmental Controls

Environmental protection

Adopt high-efficiency energy-saving devices and implement a dual-control operation system of "auto-control + human-control", which is at the leading level in the industry;
Strictly implement relevant national environmental protection policies and requirements, recycle and turn waste into treasure. We have established sewage and exhaust gas treatment facilities to meet discharge standards;
Using the advanced sewage treatment process, the various indicators of the effluent reach the standard steadily, and the standard for reclaimed water was achieved. We also have the national first-class water drainage capacity;
Prepare emergency plans and regularly conduct emergency drills for environmental accidents.
purpose Environmental Objective

Environmental protection purpose

Environmental protection is the responsibility of enterprises and employees;
Protecting the environment is the foundation and premise of enterprise development;
To protect the environment is to protect ourselves and our enterprises.
idea Safety Concept

Environmental protection concept

Safety is priority, its also the lifeline of GHW employees.
In order to strengthen risk control, in addition to the insurance required by the state, the company also purchased "public liability insurance", "property insurance", "employer liability insurance", "personal accident insurance" and "safety production liability insurance".
aims Safe Working Objectives

Safe working objectives

Zero process accidents;
Zero equipment accidents;
Zero personal injury accidents.

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