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Tai'an Havay was selected as one of the top 50 outstanding private enterprises in Tai'an

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In order to thoroughly implement the relevant spirit of the central and provincial and municipal committees on promoting the development of the private economy, to keep abreast of the current status of the development of our private economy, to show the achievements and contributions of the development of our private economy, the Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, the Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, The 2019 Agricultural and Rural Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration, and the Municipal Taxation Bureau jointly selected the 2019 Top 50 Private Enterprises in Tai'an. After several layers of selection, the selection list was determined and announced on September 26. Tai'an Havay The Group Co., Ltd. was listed.

The design of the index system of this list is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the company's 2018 operating income and total tax revenue, which fully reflects the requirements of high-quality development. The short-listed enterprises exhibited significant overall scale effects, continuous optimization of industrial structure, continuous enhancement of social contributions, continued improvement of profitability, and continuous development of independent innovation. They have played a good role in driving demonstration in their respective fields, and have become a high level of achievement for all private enterprises. Benchmark enterprise for quality development.

Havay's unique \"dumbbell model\" management model, grasping the driving force of R&D and innovation, and firmly grasping the market, based on Taian, plowing the world, grasping the operation and management in the middle, using technology advantages as an engine to help the company's quality development and accelerate Conversion of old and new kinetic energy, improve product market competitiveness and share, and truly achieve fast and excellent development, is committed to rapid growth as an outstanding private enterprise in Tai'an City.

Technology and innovation are the core competitiveness of Hanwei and the foundation of the company. Tai'an Havay has put itself into operation, insisted on R&D and innovation, completed more than 50 patent applications, and many product technologies have broken foreign monopolies to fill the gaps in the domestic market.

Taian Havay has established 31 warehousing and logistics bases in China, and established marketing teams in 7 countries and regions, including the United States, Vietnam, India, and Russia, and formed a \"capillary blood vessel\"-style marketing network with global layout and direct users. More than 5,000 customers are served internally and externally.

Taian Havay attaches great importance to long-term development, and is the first in the industry to establish systematic, standardized and intelligent management, pay attention to \"product quality, environmental protection, safety production and corporate responsibility\", has passed the ISO9001/22000 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system, HACCP food safety management system certification, FAMI-QS manufacturer operation specification system certification, safety standardization standard enterprises, win the market with quality.

Honor is an affirmation of the past. Based on the solid foundation now, Havay will not forget the original intention, step into action, and achieve good results.

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