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U.S. methyl ethyl ketone outlook increases uncertainty

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Source: China Chemical Industry News April 18, 2019

Xinhua News Agency market sources recently pointed out that a series of international issues and production and supply issues are putting pressure on the US methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) market, and US MEK prices will continue to remain uncertain for the remainder of 2019.

It is understood that the United States does not produce MEK, and its MEK supply comes from Europe, South Africa and Asia. Among them, MEK from the UK accounts for about 30%. Therefore, Brexit has increased the uncertainty of the US MEK market.

Production problems in Asia also have an impact on the US MEK. Recently, many MEK factories in the Asian region have encountered force majeure, and their supply has been limited. It will not resume until at least June. This may not only deplete the stocks prepared by producers in response to Brexit, but it may also cause changes in trade flows. Because of the limited supply of MEK in Asia, local prices are rising, which may increase European exports to Asia and reduce exports to the United States. At present, the estimated price of ICIS is 1410~1455 USD/ton.

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