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The third APEC senior official meeting in 2019 is held in Puerto Varas, Chile

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Source: Xinhuanet 2019-09-02

From August 29th to 30th, the third APEC Senior Officials Meeting 2019 was held in Puerto Varas, Chile. Chinese APEC senior official Lu Mei led a delegation to attend.

Lu Mei said that APEC is an important economic cooperation mechanism in the Asia-Pacific region and has made positive contributions to the development and prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region for a long time. This year APEC celebrates its 30th anniversary, and the Chilean side hosted the APEC meeting at this key node, which is of great significance to Asia-Pacific regional cooperation and APEC's own development.

Lu Mei said that under the auspices of Chile, this year APEC has steadily promoted cooperation in various fields and made new positive progress around the theme of \"connecting people and building the future together\". The third meeting of senior officials is an important part of the APEC leaders’ informal meeting. At this meeting, the parties conducted in-depth discussions on key issues such as regional economic integration, digital economy, interconnection, women and inclusive development, and the marine environment, and reached many positive consensuses, laying a good foundation for the successful holding of the informal meeting of leaders at the end of the year. .

Lu Mei said that China is an important member of the Asia-Pacific region and a staunch advocate, supporter and promoter of Asia-Pacific economic cooperation. China firmly supports Chile’s successful hosting of this year’s APEC meeting and looks forward to achieving positive and pragmatic results in regional economic integration, digital economy, interconnection, promotion of inclusiveness and sustainable development this year, and issuing a policy to promote free and open trade and investment, support the multilateral trading system, A positive signal against protectionism, planning a vision for APEC cooperation after 2020, and injecting new impetus into Asia-Pacific and global economic growth.

Rumme said that China is willing to work with host Chile and its members to steadily advance the final stage of preparations in a spirit of mutual respect and equal consultation, and jointly promote the successful holding of the November informal leadership meeting.

During his time in Puerto Varas, the Chinese delegation was also invited to interact with more than 40 teachers and students in the Chinese language classes of local schools, introduce Chinese history and culture, and present Chinese language learning materials.

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