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The epidemic is internally stable and extended, and the refrigeration foreign trade enterprises may face a survival battle and turn domestic sales into good medicine

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Source: Refrigeration Express Time: 2020-02-25

WHO Director-General Tan Desai said on the 22nd that although China's newly diagnosed cases are declining, it is gratifying, but due to the continuous increase of new infections in other countries, it is still too late to make predictions on the outbreak early. In response to the increase in cases of new coronary pneumonia in many countries around the world, Tan Desai called on all countries to seize the \"window of opportunity\" to control the spread of the epidemic and act quickly to reverse the dilemma and avoid serious crises.

Under the rapidly spreading epidemic, concerns about economic conditions have also surfaced. Reuters reported that current economic experts around the world are worried that the epidemic may develop into a worldwide epidemic, causing devastating and potentially fatal consequences for the economies of various countries. It is worth noting thatOn February 22, the finance ministers of the G20 countries and the president of the central bank held a two-day meeting in Riyadh. The core topic of the meeting was the new coronavirus epidemic and the possible impact on the global economy.

According to Agence France-Presse reports, Orchieva warned at the meeting that the epidemic will have an impact on the global economy. French Finance Minister Le Mere also said that the action plan to prevent the global economy from being affected by the epidemic is the core of the meeting. The global economy has already faced a slowdown in growth. He said that the global economy will showThe rapid recovery of the V-shape or the continued slowdown of the L-shape is the key issue.

At present, there are new changes in the madness. There may be outbreaks in countries around the world. Even if China controls well and achieves full recovery, it may also result in the failure of Chinese products to be exported to these outbreak countries, which will further affect foreign trade, so domestic Foreign trade enterprises should use the Internet to resell domestic products as soon as possible.

It is reported that Qianghua Information has launched a series of plans to support refrigeration enterprises according to the epidemic situation, including\"\"Refrigeration Business Conditions\" advertising promotion activities help companies break the situation (new media promotion from 500 yuan)\", \" [Refrigeration List] e-commerce service insurance transactions (shopping, membership, advertising up to 50% off) Cold Expo, fraternity, expand market development (HubeiSpecially enjoyed by enterprises in the heavily affected areas50% off) \", \" free sales of refrigeration catalog online shop \" four measures (for details, please contact the regional business managers), to provide assistance for refrigeration companies to successfully survive the epidemic.

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