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The Director-General of the World Health Organization appeals to seize the epidemic prevention and control

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Source: People's Network Time: 2020-02-06

Newspaper Brussels, February 5th (Reporter Zhang Penghui) Geneva News: The World Health Organization held a technical report on the new coronavirus in Geneva, Switzerland on the 4th. In his speech, WHO Director-General Tan Desai emphasized once again not to take restrictive measures that do not comply with the International Health Regulations, such as restricting personnel exchanges and trade, and urge relevant countries to seize the epidemic prevention and control \"window period\" WHO shared information on new coronavirus infection cases and united to defeat the epidemic.

Tan Desai reported the latest statistics on pneumonia caused by new coronaviruses, and believed that 99% of current infections occurred in China. There is no need for the international community to panic. It should seize the epidemic prevention and control \"window period\" and respond in unity. To this end, Tan Desai made three key requests to members: sharing information in detail, not restricting personnel exchanges and trade, and cooperating with the government and private institutions.

Tan Desai said that currently 22 countries have reported restrictions to WHO. These countries should shorten the period of restrictions, and the restrictions must match the risks faced by public health, and adjust in time when the epidemic changes. Tan Desai once again urged countries not to adopt restrictive measures that do not comply with the International Health Regulations. \"These restrictive measures may cause increased panic and stigmatization, and have little benefit for public health.\"

Tan Desai said that among the confirmed cases outside of China, WHO has received only 38% of the complete case reports, and some of the high-income countries lag far behind other countries in sharing data with WHO. \"I think this is not their lack of ability\". Tan Desai said that without detailed data support, it will be difficult for WHO to assess the changes in the epidemic and its possible impact, and it is difficult to ensure the most reasonable recommendations. He called on all WHO members to fulfill their obligations to share detailed information related to infection cases in terms of epidemiology, clinical manifestations, community investigations and research in a timely manner.

In his speech, Tan Desailian said three times \"unity\", emphasizing the importance of the international community's unity in responding to the epidemic. According to reports, WHO recently provided masks, medical gloves, respirators and protective clothing to 24 countries, and provided 250,000 copies of new coronavirus reagents to 70 laboratories around the world. WHO has also recently provided targeted and reliable epidemic information to staff in industries such as tourism, food, agriculture, and healthcare.

WHO officials shared the latest research progress of new coronavirus and epidemic situation with the representatives and experts at the meeting, saying that cases of new coronavirus infection should be detected early, isolated and treated early, tracking and isolating people in close contact with infected people, reducing the number of infection . WHO will hold a meeting next week to discuss the priority directions of relevant research on outbreaks, viral infection sources, vaccine development and treatment. The WHO also stated that it will strengthen public communication capacity, combat rumors and dissemination of false information, ensure that people receive accurate and reliable information, and better protect people's health.

At the meeting, representatives of some African countries raised the issue of insufficient public health resources and testing capabilities. WHO said that it has provided training for disease control personnel in African countries, and the situation has greatly improved. In the future, WHO will continue to work with The World Bank and other international donors have cooperated to increase the capacity of underdeveloped countries to respond to the epidemic.

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