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Sino-Belgium Energy Signs Supply Agreement with US Enterprises

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Source: China National Chemical News January 31, 2019

Recently, Sino-British Energy Technology Co., Ltd. signed a 300 million yuan supply agreement with the US company S. The US company S plans to purchase 19 million 26650 lithium-ion batteries from China-Belgium in batches within three years. The total purchase amount is about 300 million yuan.

All the batteries in the order will be produced and provided by Dalian Zhongbi Power Battery Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongbi Energy, and the products will be used in the international energy storage market.

Li Yunfei, CEO of Sino-Belgium Energy, said: \"The cooperation with S Corporation of the United States means that the international energy storage market recognizes Sino-Belgium Energy's lithium-ion battery products, which further stimulated our research and development on lithium-ion batteries. Investment and production investment. The company plans to develop more high-performance products and high-quality customers in the international energy storage market this year.\"

American S Corporation is located in California, USA, and is mainly engaged in the research and development of high-end clean energy storage products and power management systems. Sino-Belgium Energy Technology Co., Ltd. began to enter the field of power lithium-ion batteries in 2005. It is the first domestic lithium-ion battery manufacturer listed on the NASDAQ stock market in the United States.

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