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Shandong fights against the epidemic and takes multiple measures to stabilize foreign investment

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Source: Ministry of Commerce website Time: 2020-02-13

One is to leverage on security to expand investment. Actively assist existing foreign-invested enterprises in safe and orderly resumption of production and production, focusing on anti-epidemic protection products, guiding enterprises to expand their scale and increase production capacity; revolving around guaranteeing export orders, classifying safe and orderly arrangements for enterprises to resume production and re-production; Reserve a batch of new medical and health projects with strong motivation to comfort \"old friends\" and attract \"new friends\".

The second is to vigorously promote online investment. Expand and improve \"Choose Shandong\" cloud platform function, build and launch \"Cloud Investment\"\"Cloud Recruitment\" intelligent system, hold \"Online Investment Promotion\"\"Online Recruitment\" and other online promotion The event provides an online investment service platform for the province's investment promotion through a convenient, real-time, and remote, non-face-to-face approach. Guide the cities through emails and instant communication tools, not loosen contact with foreign businessmen, and actively promote the projects under discussion.

The third is not to relax the preparations for major economic and trade promotion activities. Actively prepare for the 2nd Qingdao Summit of Multinational Corporation Leaders, 2nd Confucian Businessmen Conference, \"Hong Kong, Macao and Shandong Week\", \"American Business Week\"\"European Business Week\" and other key economic and trade activities, and earnestly attract investment Early planning of the event, refine the content of the event, and innovate the form of the event.

The fourth is to strengthen the platform role of overseas agencies. Give full play to the role of the provincial government's foreign economic and trade representative office, fully undertake the current overseas investment promotion tasks, put forward precise investment attraction and project cooperation intentions, actively carry out project negotiation work around the city's docking projects, and timely transfer project needs to each city to ensure continuous investment attraction chain.

Since this year, Qingdao Zhengchen Ocean Technology Innovation Co., Ltd., Fuyin Guoxin Financial Leasing Co., Ltd., Shandong and Ruidong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. have increased registered foreign capital of US$60 million, US$14.35 million, and US$10 million, respectively; Established Blainu Technology Co., Ltd. in Qingdao, and Yala Shengwei (Shandong) Supply Chain Co., Ltd.

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