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Russia bans oil exports to Ukraine

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Source: Xinhuanet    April 19, 2019

Sinochem.com.cn The Russian government website announced on the 18th that Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a government decision that day to ban the export of petroleum and petroleum products to Ukraine from that day.

The resolution pointed out that Russia has imposed a ban on the export of petroleum and petroleum products to Ukraine. In addition, from June 1, this year, only with the permission of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development, some Russian oil, petroleum products and coal can be exported to Ukraine. The resolution takes effect on the day of its publication.

On the same day, Medvedev also said through the media that in addition to prohibiting the export of petroleum and petroleum products to Ukraine, Russia will also ban the import of some products from Ukraine, including machinery manufacturing, light industry and metal processing products.

According to a recent report by the Russian \"News\", the Ukrainian government has decided to expand the list of bans on products imported from Russia. Medvedev said on the 18th that Ukraine has recently taken unfriendly actions against Russia. Under such circumstances, the Russian side was forced to protect its own interests and take response measures.

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