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Peru terminates anti-dumping duties on sandals and sandals

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Article Source:Trade Remedy Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce2019-04-15

On April 4, 2019, Peru’s National Competition and Intellectual Property Protection Bureau issued Resolution No. 046 of 2019, deciding to terminate sandals and sandals on rubber and plastic fabrics from April 13 , 6402190000, 6403190000, 6403200000, 6403510000, 6403590000, 6403910000, 6403999000, 6404110000, 6404190000, 6404200000, 6405109000, 6405200000, 6405909000) anti-dumping duties. Peru launched an anti-dumping investigation against my sandals and sandals in 1996. The final tax was five years. After several reviews, the tax was still decided. After the expiration of these measures in April 2019, the secret party decided not to initiate a review. And terminate taxation.

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