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Overseas promotion of CNPC cracking catalyst

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Source: China Chemical Industry News March 28, 2019

Recently, a total of about 20 tons of pyrolysis gasoline two-stage hydrogenation catalysts (LY-9702, LY-9802) developed by the PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum and Chemical Industry have officially started shipment, and will be sent from the Tianjin Port to the Kestovo plant of Sibur in Russia. This indicates that CNPC cracked gasoline hydrogenation catalyst has achieved zero breakthrough in overseas promotion.

In the international bidding at the end of 2018, the pyrolysis gasoline two-stage hydrogenation catalyst (LY-9702, LY-9802) developed by CNPC Petroleum and Chemical Research Institute beat Shell, Axons, Klein and many other international Competing products from well-known catalyst suppliers successfully won the bid for the cracking gasoline hydrogenation unit of Russia’s SIBUR.

SIBUR is the largest oil and gas chemical company in Russia and a leader in the petrochemical industry in Eastern Europe. Its business scope involves the entire petrochemical processing industry chain and produces more than 2,000 products. The winning bid for the Sibble Kstovo plant was established in 1970, and is mainly engaged in the processing of liquid or gas phase hydrocarbon raw materials. Its ethylene production capacity is 384,000 tons/year, and its supporting pyrolysis gasoline processing capacity is 150,000 tons/year.

Since July 2018, SIBUR technical experts have visited Lanzhou three times, and have conducted many technical exchanges with researchers from the Petrochemical Research Institute of Lanzhou Chemical Research Center, and conducted on-the-spot investigations on two domestic hydrogenation plants . Researchers from the Lanzhou Chemical Research Center also went to Russia to confirm the application on site and carried out targeted tests. After in-depth communication and exchange, both parties reached a technical agreement and signed a technical quotation. According to the agreement in the technical quotation, Lanzhou Chemical Research Center immediately started all preparations for catalyst production and start-up. As of January 25, 2019, the production of about 20 tons of catalyst was successfully completed. From February 18 to 21, the catalyst passed the on-site acceptance by Russian experts. After the catalyst arrives in Russia, it will be loaded in mid-May, and then it will be put into operation.

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