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New Dow Chemical Return

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Source: China Chemical Industry News April 04, 2019

Sinochem New Network News From April 1, Dow Chemical was divested from Dow DuPont and became an independent public company again. It has been 19 months since its merger with DuPont.

Compared with old Dow Chemicals, New Dow Chemicals has a narrower business scope. New Dow Chemicals includes three business units, including performance and specialty plastics business, as well as performance materials and coatings business, as well as industrial intermediates and infrastructure business . The performance and specialty plastics business mainly produces polyethylene (PE), elastomers, copolymers and adhesives from olefins; the performance materials and coatings business is based on acrylic resins, cellulose and silicone resin chemicals; industrial intermediates and infrastructure business Including polyurethane industry chain and derivatives and other intermediates based on ethylene oxide (EO).

Dow Chemical said that the growth rate of the core end market will be higher than the GDP growth rate, mainly focusing on consumer care, infrastructure and packaging. The management of New Dow Chemical is committed to achieving strong earnings growth. It is expected that EBITDA will increase by 2.5 billion to 3 billion US dollars on the basis of 9 billion US dollars last year.

New Dow Chemical CEO Jim Feitlin said that New Dow Chemical's investment and strategy will continue to focus on improving downstream integration. The company pledged to control its annual capital investment to around US$2.8 billion for at least the next three years. In addition to the organic growth of the company's business, it will also improve its business portfolio through reinforcement M&A transactions rather than large-scale M&A.

Fetling also pointed out that innovation is still a key part of Dow Chemical. The company needs to continue to promote higher value solutions across all product chains.

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