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Multinational politicians positively evaluate China's anti-epidemic efforts

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Source: People's Daily Time: 2020-02-10

According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, February 9th, Xinhua News Agency reporters reported: Over the past few days, multinational politicians have actively evaluated the unremitting efforts of the Chinese government and people to fight the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and expressed their willingness to provide help and support for China to fight the epidemic. I have full confidence in China's victory in the prevention, control and blocking of the epidemic.

Spanish King Felipe VI addressed the reception held for the missions of various countries recently, saying that Spain highly praises the \"critical efforts and measures\" made by the Chinese government to effectively respond to the epidemic. He said, \"I hope to convey the most sincere solidarity and support to the Chinese people whom we regard as friends in the name of the Spanish government, people, myself and the queen.\"

When Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez met with the Chinese Chargé d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Spain, Yao Fei and the Spanish Overseas Chinese Association, he praised China’s efficient efforts in responding to the crisis and expressed that the Spanish government is willing to work with China to contain the epidemic.

Turkish Health Minister Fakoja said in an interview with Chinese media that the Chinese government has taken very rapid and effective measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic worldwide. The Chinese government has always adopted a very transparent attitude, sharing all necessary information and data with the World Health Organization and the rest of the world.

In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, Israeli Health Minister Litzman praised China’s efforts to fight the epidemic, believed that China had performed well in the prevention and control of the epidemic, and expressed that Israel would do its best to provide China with any help it needs.

Philippine Deputy Foreign Minister Du Lai said that the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on behalf of the Philippine government and people, expressed deep condolences to the Chinese government and people and paid tribute to the brave people of Hubei. The Philippines firmly believes that under the strong leadership of the Chinese government, the Chinese people will definitely overcome the current epidemic situation.

Bangladesh Foreign Minister Mu Ming expressed his firm belief in the Chinese government’s ability to cope with the current severe situation and prevent the epidemic from further deteriorating. China's action to establish a professional emergency hospital is timely and commendable. The Bangladesh government is willing to do its best to help China fight the epidemic.

Uzbekistan’s Minister of Health Shadmanov told Chinese Ambassador to Ukraine Jiang Yan that Uzbekistan highly appreciates China’s professionalism in combating the epidemic and the staged results achieved, and admires the Chinese government’s ability to organize effectively.

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