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Japanese companies produce alternative plastic materials in China

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Author: Liu Source: China Chemical Industry News November 11, 2019

Recently, TBM, a Japanese material development startup, announced that it will build a factory in Henan Province, China, to mass-produce alternative plastic materials using limestone as a raw material. Construction capital is expected to be about 10 billion yen, and it is planned to be raised in China. This is the first time TBM has built a factory overseas, and it will start construction in 2020.

TBM stated that the new plant will produce plastic alternative materials \"LIMEX\" in the Chinese market. \"LIMEX\" is a plastic substitute material made by mixing limestone and a small amount of resin. This material has been increasingly used in shopping bags, food packaging materials, disposable tableware, restaurant chains in Japan Menu table, etc.

According to TBM estimates, the new factory in Henan Province needs 10 billion yen in construction funds. Does TBM plan to raise funds from CITIC Group's funds and Zhongyuan Yuzi Investment Holding Group, a fund company under the Henan Provincial Government, to complete the fundraising.

TBM will also cooperate with Henan Province to build a product recycling infrastructure that uses new materials. The company plans to use China as a starting point to continue to promote plastic alternative materials business to Southeast Asian countries.

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