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Japan Electrochemical Increasing Production of MS Resin

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Source: China National Chemical News September 23, 2019

Japan's comprehensive chemical manufacturer Denka has announced that with the large-screen LCD TVs and monitors, the market's demand for MS resin (methyl methacrylate-styrene copolymer) has expanded dramatically. To this end, Dianhua decided to invest 2.7 billion yen to expand the production capacity of MS resin in Singapore.

According to this investment plan, they willPo CompanyThe polystyrene production line at the Seraya plant was rebuilt, and polystyrene production was discontinued and converted to an MS resin production line. Through technological transformation, its annual production capacity of MS resin will be increased from the current 70,000 tons to 140,000 tons.

The transformation of the production line is expected to be completed and put into production within 1 to 6 months in 2021, and the products are sold to the Asia-Pacific region. After the transformation, the company will completely withdraw from the production of polystyrene in Singapore.

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