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India launches anti-dumping sunset review on China-made fluororubber

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On February 7, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of India issued an announcement to launch a sunset review investigation on fluoroelastomers (FKM) produced or imported from China.

Anti-dumping sunset review (Sunset Review), also known as due review or expiry review, means that a certain anti-dumping measure will soon be automatically invalidated, unless an application by a interested party or the competent authority of the importing country initiates the cancellation Whether the anti-dumping measures may lead to the continuation or reoccurrence of dumping and damage. The review shall be the sunset review. \"Sunset review\" will determine whether anti-dumping will continue to take effect, extend and increase tax rates, or terminate. Therefore, actively participating in anti-dumping \"sunset review\" is an important means for companies and products to return to foreign markets, and is the key to breaking the anti-dumping ruling.

On January 28, 2019, the Indian Industry and Commerce Bureau imposed anti-dumping duties on the target goods. This decision was effective until July 27, 2020. Now that anti-dumping measures are about to expire, India's only fluororubber producer M/s Gujarat Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. filed an application for sunset review. The applicant stated that the fluoroelastomers produced or imported from China may continue or be dumped again, thereby damaging the interests of the local industry, applying for a review and continuing to levy anti-dumping duties.

It is understood that the anti-dumping fluoroelastomers include different forms of binary or ternary raw rubber and pre-mixed rubber, FFKM (perfluoroether rubber) is not included.

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