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Goodyear Chemical expands dicyclopentadiene production

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Source: China National Chemical News July 11, 2019

Recently, Goodyear Chemical Company announced that its chemical plant in Beaumont, Texas, has completed the debottlenecking work of its ultra-high purity dicyclopentadiene (UHP-DCPD) recovery unit on a global scale.

The DCPD concentration unit was completed at the end of 2016 and can purify DCPD to a level above 99%. The Goodyear Beaumont plant has been refining C5 crude oil into high-purity isoprene monomer, piperene and DCPD since the 1970s.

Ultra-high purity DCPD is used in the manufacture of reactive injection molded poly DCPD tractor panels, hoods, fenders and air deflectors. It can also be used to produce specialty chemicals, such as time-release fertilizer coatings, thermosetting circuit boards, washing powder fragrances and antioxidants. UH-DCPD can also be used for the manufacture of EPDM rubber and diene monomer ENB in ​​EPDM rubber.

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