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German agriculture minister says glyphosate may not get EU renewal in 2022

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Source: World Agrochemical Network 2019-07-22

The German Minister of Agriculture Julia Kloeckner recently stated that glyphosate herbicides may not receive sufficient support to obtain EU renewal after 2022.

Christian Democrat Kloeckner said in an interview with Germany’s “Daily Mirror” that Germany should not imitate Austria (the Austrian Parliament recently voted to ban products containing glyphosate), noting that the EU’s registration license for glyphosate will continue until 2022 year. At present, German politicians are working to find safe alternatives.

According to EU law, companies wishing to renew glyphosate must submit their applications by December 15th, three years earlier than the current approval period. Regulators in France, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden are responsible for the preliminary evaluation of applications.

Germany's view of glyphosate is polarized. After Bayer's acquisition of Monsanto, it has lost three lawsuits in the United States. The litigant claimed to have suffered from cancer due to the use of Roundup. Bayer’s stock has plunged nearly 40% so far.

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