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Fire in a chemical plant in Texas, USA

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Source: SINOCHEM April 3, 2019

Sinochem New Network News   A chemical plant in Texas, USA, suffered a fire on the 2nd, resulting in 1 death and 3 injuries.

The plant is located in Crosby, about 40 kilometers northeast of Houston, the fourth largest city in the United States. Local police said on social media that a leak of isobutene stored in a chemical plant caused a fire, which subsequently spread in the chemical plant.

The chemical plant issued a statement on the same day saying that the accident had caused one death and three injuries, two of which were seriously injured.

After the incident, the police blocked the road to the chemical plant, requiring all personnel within 1.6 kilometers around the plant to stay indoors. After more than 5 hours of intense work, the fire was extinguished. At present, relevant departments are still closely monitoring the local and surrounding air quality.

On March 17, a petrochemical storage facility in southeast Houston caught fire. The fire continued for several days, causing local air pollution and the school was suspended. (Reporter Liu Liwei)

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