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DuPont will help Ningdong wastewater zero discharge

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Source: China National Chemical News January 31, 2019

Recently, DuPont Water Treatment Solutions Business Department won the Ningxia Shenhua Ningmei Coal Group Ningdong Mining Area Mine Water and Coal Chemical Wastewater Treatment and Utilization Project with the industrial high-difficult wastewater (near) zero-discharge solution. The project is planned for 2019 Put into operation in the first quarter.

It is reported that through the current domestic investment with the highest investment, the largest scale, and the most complicated process route of the mine water advanced treatment zero discharge project, the problems of wastewater discharge and solid waste in the Ningdong Industrial Park will be completely resolved.

According to reports, the Shenhuaning coal mine water and coal chemical wastewater treatment and utilization projects have widely adopted DuPont's full range of membrane products, including ultrafiltration membrane SFP-2880, reverse osmosis membrane, nanofiltration membrane and special ultra-high pressure reverse osmosis membrane XUS180808. The latest FILMTEC® CR100, XC70, XC80, XC-N and ultra-high pressure membrane elements developed by DuPont Water Treatment Solutions Business Department can effectively deal with the difficult biological and organic pollution in customers’ water sources and reduce the operating pressure and energy of production equipment. Consumption and cleaning frequency. After using DuPont's full range of membrane products to further concentrate the wastewater, the quality of the produced water can be recovered and reused, thereby improving production efficiency. Shenhua Ning Coal uses DuPont products for challenging coal chemical wastewater projects, while the relatively easy-to-treat mine water treatment uses DuPont products to ensure that Shenhua Ning coal mine water is effectively and comprehensively used.

Chen Jiajun, Commercial Director of DuPont Water Treatment Asia Pacific, said: \"After the project is completed, Ningdong Coal Chemical Industry Park will become the first large-scale comprehensive coal chemical industrial park in the country and even the world to achieve zero discharge of mine water, which is important for domestic industrial zero emissions. Reference and demonstration role. At the same time, DuPont's industrial high-difficult wastewater (near) zero-discharge solution can contribute to the recovery and reuse of mine water in the park.\"

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