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DuPont and ExxonMobil develop new TPV

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Source: China Chemical Industry News September 2, 2019

Recently, DuPont Transportation and Industrial Division announced that it has successfully cooperated with ExxonMobil Chemical Company in special elastomers and successfully developed a new series of Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanized elastomers for automotive corner forming seals ( TPVs).

The two companies adopted silicon-based additives designed by DuPont, Replacing traditional organic lubricants, developing a new generation of Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanized elastomer series, which not only improves the adhesion performance with EPDM base material, but also reduces the friction coefficient, making doors and windows easier switch. The new series of Santoprene elastomer B260 products also have more excellent fluidity, abrasion resistance and UV light stability.

According to reportsIn order to meet the customer's demand for higher corner molding seals, ExxonMobil Chemical Company hopes to improve the adhesion between Santoprene elastomer and EPDM rubber, and at the same time improve the sliding properties of the product. Therefore, the company chose to cooperate with DuPont to explore the use of its advanced silicon-based additives, which are superior to the organic additives previously used by ExxonMobil.

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