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Dow completes the split from Dow DuPont

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Source: SINOCHEM April 3, 2019

Sinochem New Network News Dow DuPont announced that it has completed the spin-off of the materials science department through the split of Dow. Dow began trading on the \"NYSE\" stock symbol \"Regular\" on April 2. As of March 21, 2019, the ratio of Dow common stock held by Dow DuPont common stock shareholders to the Dow common stock held by them is 1 to 3. Dow DuPont’s common stock shareholders will also receive cash to replace some of Dow’s common stock.

With the proposed issuance of all common shares of its wholly-owned subsidiary Corteva, Inc., Dow DuPont is still expected to complete the previously announced separation of its agricultural division (Corteva Agriscience) on June 1, 2019. After distribution by Corteva, Dow DuPont will retain its professional product division and rename it \"DuPont\".

Dow completed the split from Dow Dupont on April 1st, and became a more focused, efficient, and industry-leading materials science company. New Dow is a global company with a leading position in the three consumer-focused market areas of packaging, infrastructure, and consumer care. Dow has a more powerful ability to promote revenue growth and innovate for customers. It will rely on its advantages in the three fields of ethylene, propylene and silicone to promote the progress of the chemical industry.

The new company will be named after the brand name \"\"Dow Company\" (Dow). While inheriting a long tradition, it also reflects that the entire company has evolved into a material science solution provider. Dow will adopt a new brand slogan \" seek together\" (Seek Together), this action call emphasizes the value of collaboration in providing innovative solutions for customers and the value chain, and also represents Dow’s goal in achieving its goals In the process, seek ways to collaborate with all stakeholders. The company's logo, which has been used for more than 120 years, the Dow Diamond logo remains unchanged and will continue to be the core element of the Dow brand.

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