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Covestro adds solutions to the green building market

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Source: China National Chemical News September 16, 2019

Recently, Covestro participated in the \"future residential building energy and environment experiment platform\" project initiated by the China Academy of Building Research, and together with industry partners Zhejiang Deyilong Technology Co., Ltd. and German Gewu Group, jointly create customized Baiduo glass fiber reinforced polyurethane energy-saving refractory window solution.

Covestro's Bayo glass fiber reinforced polyurethane energy-saving refractory windows developed for the \"Future Building\" project this time use continuous glass fiber reinforced polyurethane composite materials with water-based environmentally friendly polyurethane coatings. The profile is made of alkali-free glass fiber yarn as the reinforcing material and polyurethane resin as the matrix resin. It is formed by the closed-mold injection pultrusion process, which integrates energy saving, fire resistance and high strength. The water-based polyurethane coating is applied on the surface of the composite material profile to provide surface protection, and can achieve a variety of colors and effects according to the design.

In response to the energy and environmental requirements put forward by the project for \"\"Future Architecture\"\", Covestro and its partners jointly customized three kinds of door and window solutions through the application of this material. Among them, \"pure heat insulation 65 flat open series\" adopts full polyurethane profiles, suitable for various doors and windows projects\\"big broken bridge 65 flat open series\" doors and windows use Covestro polyurethane profiles as thermal insulation broken bridges, And covered with aluminum profiles on the surface.

In the future, Covestro will deepen its cooperation with local industry chain partners such as Deyilong, and inject new development momentum into China's green building industry through the collaborative innovation of building materials.

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