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Coal coking industry enters a critical development period

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Author: Yan Chun Wing Source: China Chemical Industry News September 27, 2019

Park, chain, green and high-end are the directions


The picture shows the scene of China Coal Coking Industry Technology Development Forum. (Photo by Yan Junrong)

On September 26, the 2019 (Seventh) China Coal Coking Industry Technology Development Forum was held in Taiyuan. Representatives from domestic coking, tar research institutes, universities, engineering design institutes and production enterprises, The hot and difficult points in coal coking technology and market development are discussed. The meeting believed that under the guidance of the ecological green development policy, the coking industry has entered a critical development period, and high-quality development is promising.

\"Over the past 70 years, China's coking industry has taken the road of taking off from small to large and weak to strong. In 1949, China's coke output was only more than 500,000 tons, and all the process equipment used relied on imports. In 2018, the national coke output reached 4.38 100 million tons, ranking first in the world.\" Chen Yongjun, chief economist of China National Chemical Corporation, emphasized in his speech that the current coking industry should adhere to a new development concept, use eco-environmental protection to force industrial transformation, and promote the energy revolution with quality upgrades. Further optimize the structure and layout, accelerate the fit and fit of the production capacity, accelerate the enterprise's withdrawal from the city and enter the park, promote the industrial scale agglomeration, extend the industrial chain, upgrade the equipment level, and strive to achieve high-quality development.

Yang Wenbiao, senior consultant of the China Coking Industry Association, pointed out that China has formed the most complete and unique coking industry system in the world, the most extensive development and utilization of coal resources, and the most potential value of coking coal chemical products, and is realizing the traditional coking industry and modernization. The new pattern of coordinated development of the chemical industry and the establishment of green coking are the common responsibility of the entire industry. Rely on scientific and technological progress and innovation to promote the coking industry from traditional coal chemical industry to provide modern coal chemical industry with high-quality carbon source, low-cost hydrogen source, multiple oil sources, carbon-based new materials and clean bulk burning coke, to comprehensively improve the coking industry Competitiveness. In addition, enterprises should do a good job in the construction of the park in the sharing era, moderately extend the industrial chain to promote the development of circular economy, and look for opportunities in the transfer of production capacity.

Shang Alang, Director of Chemical Industry Department of Shanxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, said that Shanxi's coking industry will be based on the current, promote standardized, standardized, and rule-of-law management, with a long-term perspective, and promote the development of parks, chains, greens, and high-ends. Policies and measures to achieve upgrading and green development of the coking industry. The first is to increase the pressure reduction efforts to reduce 40.27 million tons of production capacity by 2020. The second is to accelerate the construction of transformation and upgrading projects. By 2020, advanced production capacity will account for more than 60%. At the same time, chemical products must be fully utilized, coke oven gas must be used for high-end comprehensive utilization of LNG, methanol, Fischer-Tropsch synthetic oil wax, and hydrogen energy, and coal tar and crude benzene must be concentrated and deep processed in the park. It is also necessary to promote coking industry enterprises \"Shangyun\", guide and support coking enterprises to build digital workshops and smart factories, and use \"Intelligent+\"\"Internet+\" to empower the industry. The third is to establish a standardized standard system for the coking industry and promote the improvement of the production management level of enterprises.

The meeting discussed the intensive development, clean development, low-carbon development, safe development and sustainable development of the coal coking industry with five topics. Including: the prospects and ideas of industry transformation and upgrading; the impact and new technologies of the coking industry in the hydrogen energy industry; the efficient and comprehensive utilization of coke oven gas; the new materials and new processes of the coking industry, the production status and technology of high-end carbon materials, and the progress of coal pitch-based carbon fiber technology ;Coking industry energy saving, emission reduction, new environmental protection technology, new technology.

The meeting was sponsored by China National Chemical Corporation, China National Chemical Industry Development Institute, co-organized by Jiangsu Liaoyuan Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., supported by Shanxi Chemical Industry Association, Shanxi Coking Industry Association, China Hydrogen Energy Industry Network, Beijing Kaimeiwo Cultural Media Co., Ltd. Undertake.

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