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Build a Chinese chemical brand of\"The Belt and Road Initiative\"

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Author: playing Xu Xiang Liu Yongming Li Yong Source: China Chemical Industry News October 21, 2019

——Records of Overseas Project Construction of China Chemical Engineering Eleventh Construction Co., Ltd.

\"Eleven Chemical Construction Company actively implements the strategy of \"going out\", showing the image and status of Chinese companies overseas.\"The relevant person in charge of China National Chemical Engineering Group Co., Ltd. recently investigated China Chemical Engineering Eleventh Construction Co., Ltd. Sincerely expressed when constructing overseas projects.

\"For more than 20 years, as the executor of China Chemical Group’s overseas strategy, our construction projects have spread all over the countries along the “Belt and Road”, and more than 40 chemical, chemical, Petroleum, electric power, municipal public works projects. \"The relevant person in charge of Eleventh Chemical Construction Company said.

Sharjah Fertilizer Plant

Push Bangladesh's fertilizer industry to a new level

\"This project uses the world’s most advanced U.S. KBR natural gas conversion patent technology. It is the largest project that has been built by bilateral cooperation between the governments of China and Bangladesh so far. It is also the only plant in Bangladesh’s history that reaches the national production plan in the first year , To push Bangladesh's chemical fertilizer industry to a new level.\" said Liu Guanfu, the project leader.

On October 14, 2016, during President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Bangladesh, he and Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Hasina jointly cut the ribbon and unveiled six large projects that were completed and about to start. President Xi Jinping praised Bangladesh Sharjah Fertilizer Plant as \"the most advanced modern fertilizer plant built by Chinese enterprises for Bangladesh.\"

According to reports, the rainy season of the project location is as long as 6 months, which seriously restricts the construction progress of the project. To this end, the project department rationally optimized the construction plan, completed the assault floor and road construction before the rainy season, and arranged the construction period reasonably.

In view of the difficulty in lifting equipment (a total of 56 sets of large-scale equipment, with a maximum weight of more than 300 tons and a maximum lifting height of 54 meters), the project department repeatedly calculated and scientifically and rationally optimized the lifting scheme. The lifting task was completed in 40 days with high quality and efficiency.

Faced with the difficulties of starting delivery of the heating furnace in bulk and on-site furnace construction, the project department independently developed patented technology to develop the modular construction method of the bulk heating furnace, and carried out the overturning equipment furnace construction and the overall lifting of the radiation section and the lifting of the furnace tube at multiple points It is not only safe and reliable, but also shortens the installation period.

Because the first-stage converter is a KBR patented horizontal top-burning furnace, which has a large volume, complex structure and long construction period, the project department has developed a partial modular construction method for the converter and a welding method for the converter tube, and has independently developed a patent. Technology-\"Temporary lifting ears for new short-distance hoisting\" can effectively speed up the construction progress and achieve a successful oven and feeding.

The project was awarded \"Outstanding Award for Comprehensive Evaluation of Construction Subcontractors\" by the construction unit, and won 3 ministerial-level construction methods and 6 new practical patents. The ammonia plant for this project won the 2017 National Chemical Industry Overseas Quality Engineering Award and the 2016~2017 China Construction Engineering Luban Award (Overseas Engineering) issued by the China Construction Industry Association, effectively enhancing the international brand and status of Eleven Chemical .

\"Next, we need to quickly improve our international business capabilities, prevent risk, take advantage of our existing overseas market, actively cultivate the international competitiveness in petrochemical, power, energy, infrastructure and other fields, and seize the development of the National Belt and Road Initiative. Opportunity, tell a good story of Chinese chemistry, and build an international brand of Eleventh Chemical.\" said Li Shiju, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Eleventh Chemical.


Halve the time from Colombo to Hambantota Port

\"The project of the extension of the southern Sri Lanka Expressway we undertake has important strategic significance for enhancing the image of Chinese enterprises. After the completion of the project, the time from Colombo to Hambantota Port can be shortened by half.\" said Wang Dali, the project leader.

In early 2017, Eleventh Construction won the bid for the construction of the first, second and third sections of the southern Sri Lanka Expressway Extension project. Due to the rainy and heavy rivers in Matala area, Hambantota is mostly sandy, and the geographical environment of the whole line has varied and varied, which has a huge impact on the construction period. \"We have not waited for each bid, actively attacked, investigated the market, and communicated and coordinated with the design department many times to achieve reasonable design and convenient construction.\"Wang Dali said.

According to reports, the second and third bidding sections are full-fill road sections, and the roadbed is compacted by 1.3 million cubic meters. The purchase and transportation of earthwork have become the key points of the project's performance. To this end, members of the project department conduct surveys within 30 kilometers of the project, find mountains and hills, and apply for permits for borrowing soil. However, the fastest time to apply for a permit is 3 months. The Government Environment Agency, the Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, and the local government must sign. To this end, the project department formed a borrowing and supply team. After multi-party negotiations, they successfully handled the corresponding borrowing yard certificate, ensuring that the necessary materials for the project arrived on time.

In order to ensure project compliance, the management team of the project department adopted a new roadbed stone-filling process, filling 600 mm (normally 150 mm) each time, and at the same time created a precedent for nighttime operation of the roadbed, using night rolling in the section with fewer residents. The acceptance and other measures effectively shortened the construction time and became a miracle in the eyes of the local RDA management.

In addition, the project department also recruited a large number of local management and construction personnel to carry out localized management, so that China's construction standards have been promoted and recognized. The project provides 5000 local jobs to increase their family income and improve their quality of life.

\"At present, the construction has been completed, the three bidding sections have reached the main line opening conditions, and the owner is ready to hold the opening ceremony on November 5. The implementation of this project has successfully established a good image of the 11th chemical construction.\"Wang Dali said.

Sri Lanka Waterworks

Provide drinking water for 350,000 residents

\"Sri Lanka’s Da Matale Living Water Plant Project is an important initiative of the Sri Lankan government to speed up national infrastructure construction and improve people’s quality of life. After the project is completed, it can provide drinking water for 350,000 local and surrounding residents.\" The person in charge Jiang Xingong said.

According to reports, the local drinking water quality in Da Matale, Sri Lanka is extremely poor. The original water plant is already an outdated process decades ago, and the installation is on the verge of being out of operation. \"In the bidding stage of the project, the competition of local enterprises is very fierce. Since the Sri Lankan government intends to hand over the project to local enterprises for construction, we have been very passive.\" Jiang Xingong said, in order to allow the general contractor and the owner to recognize For the construction capacity, they invited the general contractor and the owner to conduct a site visit to the Southern Expressway Project under construction by Eleventh Chemical Engineering. After inspections and multiple rounds of negotiations and consultations, Eleventh Chemical Construction finally won the bid for the civil works and part of the installation of the water plant and the construction of electric instruments.

After signing the contract, Eleven Chemical Construction Company immediately established the project department and started construction on time according to the contract requirements. Since there are 5 water distribution plants on the construction site, a total of 19 construction sites with a span of 46 kilometers, a total of 5 sites, the site area has many points and a long distance. Therefore, on-site construction coordination and personnel management have become the biggest problems, and all personnel and machinery are increased several times. To this end, the project department researched and decided that each site installed a camera to monitor the whole site construction, each site set up a monitoring system, the main project department set up a general monitoring system, and set up network monitoring software on the mobile phone, and the site situation can be checked on the mobile phone anytime, anywhere , The company headquarters can also be monitored remotely. This measure greatly saves time for on-site coordination and ensures continuous construction on site.

\"After more than a year of construction, we have completed 80% of the civil work. The owner and the general contractor are satisfied with the construction speed and efficiency. Local suppliers must establish long-term cooperation with us, and local employees also express their willingness to become our company Formal overseas employees.\" Jiang Xingong said.

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