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British Chemical Industry Association puts pressure on new prime minister: urges \"right Brexit\"

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Source: PUWORLD    December 18, 2019

Sinochem.com The British Chemical Industry Association (CIA) seized the cliché slogan used by the newly elected prime minister of the United Kingdom and then put it back to the court, calling on Boris Johnson to \"breed Britain correctly\"

Steve Elliott, CEO of the association, said: Since Britain announced its Brexit, the corporate world has been seeking clear goals, so the government must ensure exit and future trade relations. \"This will enable the wider manufacturing and chemical industries to sustain and increase the industry’s contribution to the entire British economy and people’s daily lives.\"

Elliott pointed out that the Brexit referendum was conducted in 2016, but the government failed to approve the final withdrawal agreement. He said that looking ahead, chemical producers look forward to working with the Prime Minister \"Completing Brexit\", his government, parliament, and the government departments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to ensure Britain's strong manufacturing influence.

The President of the British Chemical Industry Association said: \"After three and a half years of political impasse, I hope that we can now make rapid progress in our Brexit and future relations and begin to respond to some of the major challenges before us.\"

At the same time, Elliott emphasized: \"To ensure consistency with the EU's close supervision and to ensure that we can continue to attract and retain the most skilled and professional talents from all over the world is in the best interests of our environment and business.\"

The British Chemical Distributors Organization Chemical Business Association (CBA) warned in a statement that the government has only 12 months to negotiate trade relations with the European Union, which will provide the chemical industry with a \"frictionless access to the European market\" \".

As CBA CEO Peter Newport pointed out, about 60% of the UK's chemicals are exported to the EU, and about 70% of the industry's demand is supplied by a single European market. \"The importance of this task to thousands of British manufacturing and service companies cannot be underestimated.\"

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