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\"Belt and Road\" and China-Chile trade cooperation theme meeting held in Chile

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Information source: Xinhua News Agency Time: 2019-08-15

The 2019 \"Belt and Road\" and China-Chile trade cooperation theme meeting was held on the 12th in the capital of Santiago, Chile. China-Chile officials and entrepreneurs discussed the development of the \"Belt and Road\" to promote bilateral economic and trade cooperation to a new level.

The theme meeting was jointly hosted by the Chilean Chinese-funded Enterprise Association and the China-China Chamber of Commerce. Chile’s Special Envoy for Asia-Pacific Affairs and former President Eduardo Frei said in his speech that Chile needs the “Belt and Road Initiative” to improve the telecommunications infrastructure, and hopes that exchanges and cooperation at the local government level in Chile and China will further increase and strengthen the Technology cooperation.

Chile’s Speaker of the House Ivan Flores said that the exchanges between the parliaments of Chile and China have increased the content of science and technology and culture on the political and economic basis, enriching the connotation of bilateral cooperation, which means that the two countries are building more mature, New and more strategic relationship.

Chile’s Minister of Agriculture Walker said that Chile exports a large number of agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery products to China every year. Every agricultural product variety approved for export to China has a planting area of ​​thousands to tens of thousands of hectares in Chile. Rural poverty reduction in Chile has made important contributions.

Xu Bu, Chinese ambassador to Chile, said in his speech that the \"One Belt One Road\" initiative focuses on development, with infrastructure construction and interconnection as the core content. This coincides with Chile's development strategy and needs. Both China and Chile should Gather new consensus, promote the effective integration of the development strategies of the two countries, and integrate the development agenda.

Xu Bu said that China and Chile should jointly explore the new potential of economic and trade cooperation, be a leader in innovation and development, promote the construction of the Digital Silk Road and the innovative Silk Road, and promote enterprises in the two countries in 5G, high-speed rail, highways, ports, clean energy , E-commerce and other fields to strengthen cooperation.

In November 2018, Chile and China signed a memorandum of understanding on \"One Belt, One Road\". Chile’s then President Bachelet and current President Pinella attended the \"Belt and Road\" International Cooperation Summit Forum in Beijing in 2017 and 2019 respectively

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