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BASF expands production of lubricant antioxidants

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Source: China Chemical Industry News

Sinochem's BASF Fuel and Lubricants Solutions Business Unit said last week that it will invest in Mexico and China to increase the capacity of lubricant antioxidants to meet the demand for antioxidants in Asia's growing vehicle market Rising demand for long-acting lubricant additives.

In order to increase production capacity, BASF expanded the production capacity of its Puebla base in Mexico; in China, it signed a technology licensing and production agreement with Jiangsu Feiya Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Feiya Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. recently established a new base in Rudong County, Jiangsu Province, which is now fully operational and produces products that meet relevant specifications.

Marius Vaarkamp, ​​Global Marketing Director of BASF Lubricant Additives, said: \"We will continue to meet the needs of customers in all regions of the world through investment and product innovation. The move to expand the global production capacity of lubricants and antioxidants shows that BASF is committed to meeting the growing market demand. \" Jiang Hongfei, Chairman and General Manager of Jiangsu Feiya Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. said: \"We are committed to meeting the expectations of BASF and its customers.\"

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