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BASF expands carboxylic acid production capacity

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Source: China Chemical Industry News July 18, 2019

Recently, BASF has increased its global production capacity of high carboxylic acid (HCA) isononanoic acid (INA) and 2-ethylhexanoic acid (2-EHA) from 55,000 tons/year to 68,000 tons/year.

Andre Franzell, President of BASF’s Intermediate Division, said: \"Our products add value to high-performance synthetic lubricant formulations, such as in the refrigeration industry. We have invested in 2-EHA in Kuantan since 2016, Especially INA, to supplement production in Europe. With our flexible and reliable HCA production and supply network, we can quickly respond to market demand.\"

BASF's Verbund plants in Ludwigshafen, Germany and Kuantan, Malaysia have world-scale and highly flexible production facilities and are one of the world's largest HCA producers.

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