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Axalta's powder coating business in China

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Source: China National Chemical News May 16, 2019

Sinochem New Network News Axalta Coating Systems has now completed the previously announced dissolution of the joint venture, wholly owned Shanghai Qingpu Powder Coatings Manufacturing Plant, making it Axalta's powder coating production base in China. Axalta will independently operate its powder coatings business in China under the name \"Axalta Powder Coatings (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.\" to provide powder coating products and services to Chinese customers.

Michael Cash, president of Axalta Industrial Coatings, said: \"China is one of the most important powder coatings markets in the world and an important growth engine for Axalta's global business. The completion of this transaction is Axalta's Another milestone in the development of China, it also opened a new journey of our development in China, enabling us to efficiently use Axalta's comprehensive international products, technologies and services for Chinese customers. Axalta Global The team will fully support the Chinese team to vigorously expand and serve customers in this key market, thereby bringing our industry-leading products, services and technology to Chinese customers, winning long-term trust from customers, and making Axalta the preferred powder coating partner for customers one.\"

Wu Chunping, President of Axalta Coating Systems Greater China, said: \"Independently operating the powder coatings business provides us with a new development opportunity, enabling us to integrate cutting-edge thermosetting and thermoplastic powder technologies through prestigious coating brands such as Napgard, Alesta, Abcite and Talisman will bring to Chinese customers faster and more efficiently. With the industry's extremely complete and leading construction, function and thermoplastic processes, we will fully meet the needs of Chinese customers for powder coatings.\"

Axalta's powder coating products are widely used in various terminal industries with stringent quality standards, such as automotive, transportation, high-end construction applications, oil and gas pipelines, steel bars, household appliances and other general industries and other fields.

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