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Arkema liquid resin production line put into operation

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Source: China Chemical Industry News April 18, 2019

Sinochem New Network News On April 11, Arkema's new light-curing advanced liquid resin production line at the Nansha base in southern Guangdong, China was successfully put into operation, with a capacity increase of 30%. This new production line will help meet the strong demand in the Asian electronics, 3D printing, adhesive and inkjet printing markets. This investment also helps Arkema’s Shadoma to develop cutting-edge solutions in advanced and sustainable curing technologies.

The new production line will focus on producing the most advanced UV, LED and electron beam (EB) liquid resins, bringing high efficiency and high performance advantages to the light curing system dedicated to high-end applications. Products can be used in the manufacture and design of printed circuits, smart phones, tablet computers and TV screens. The production line will also produce Sadomar’s expanding unique resin product portfolio, N3xtDimension, for 3D printing products.

The picture shows the ceremony site

The picture shows the ceremony site

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