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ADM LG Chem cooperates in the development of bio-based acrylic

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Author: Rao Xinghe Source: China Chemical Industry News October 14, 2019

Sinochem.com.cn Recently, South Korea’s LG Chem and American ADM announced that they will jointly develop an economical bio-process industrial acrylic process. According to a statement from both parties, LG Chem plans to build a biological high-performance water-absorbing resin (SAP) plant in North America and explore more bioplastics business opportunities.

According to the terms of the agreement, ADM and LG Chemicals will work together to produce 100% bio-based acrylic acid from ADM corn processing raw materials to achieve economically viable commercial production. Acrylic acid is usually produced from propylene, while bio-based acrylic acid is produced from corn syrup. As customers increasingly focus on sustainable alternative energy sources, ADM hopes to continue to push the limits and find new ways to diversify its product portfolio. ADM Chief Technology Officer ToddWerpy said: \"By cooperating with LG Chem to meet this challenge, we can leverage the strengths and expertise of both companies to provide our customers with a cost-effective and sustainable solution.\"

LG Chem completed a 180,000-ton/year crude acrylic acid expansion project in Yeosu, South Korea earlier this year, expanding its crude acrylic acid production capacity to 628,000 tons/year. LG Chem also established a 180,000-ton/year glacial acrylic acid plant in Luozhou, South Korea, which previously had a capacity of 320,000-ton/year.

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