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The company's choline chloride production capacity, betaine production capacity and trace element premix production capacity are ahead of domestic counterparts. It uses the most advanced technology and production equipment at home and abroad, and is superior to international standard organization production.

Choline chloride series

Belongs to a type of B vitamins;

Promote the growth and development of livestock and poultry, improve the quality of meat and eggs, and improve feed utilization;

It is a plant photosynthesis promoter, which has a significant effect on increasing yield;

Liquid choline chloride is the main component of shale oil injection.

Betaine series

Anti-tumor, lower blood pressure, anti-peptic ulcer and gastrointestinal dysfunction, treatment of liver diseases;

As a feed additive, it has the function of providing methyl donors and can save part of methionine;

It has the functions of regulating osmotic pressure in the body, alleviating stress, promoting fat metabolism and protein synthesis, improving lean meat rate, and can enhance the efficacy of anticoccidial drugs;

Used as an attractant in aquatic animal feed.

Mineral additives

Iodine is mostly present in the thyroid gland, and affects the metabolism of substances and energy in the body by participating in the formation of thyroxine. The lack of iodine in animals can cause thyroid insufficiency and abnormal body functions, which can hinder growth and reproductive dysfunction, and lead to poor litter and rough fur.

Selenium can protect VE from being completely absorbed and utilized through the mucosa, promote the secretion of enzymes, and prevent pancreatic fibrosis. Selenium is one of the components of glutathione peroxidase, which can protect the integrity of the inner cell membrane, participate in energy conversion, promote muscle metabolism and anti-oxidation. Selenium deficiency affects both the metabolism of amino acids and protein synthesis, and also leads to brain softening, which seriously affects the growth and reproduction functions of livestock and poultry.

Cobalt is one of the components of VB12. It can affect the formation of proteins, nucleic acids, glycogen, and phospholipids in the form of VB12. It plays an important role in the growth and development of livestock and poultry. The lack of cobalt will cause the weakness of livestock and poultry, weight loss, anemia and decreased appetite. And other symptoms, thereby reducing feed utilization.

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