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Yancheng People's Congress visited Havay for investigation

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On May 21, Deputy Director Zou Yishi of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Yancheng City and his delegation visited Tai'an Havay Group to investigate the work of safety production, \"one law and one rule\", law enforcement inspection and special enquiries. The chairman of the Municipal Social Construction Committee Relevant leaders from Xu Xin, Daiyue District and Dawenkou Industrial Park accompanied them.

The leaders and the team went deep into the field to investigate the first-level risk management and control area of Havay Group Company, the raw material storage tank area, and listen to Tian Miao, deputy general manager of Tai'an Hanwei Group Co., Ltd., about the company's basic situation and work safety.

Havay Group implements safety is the sky, is the concept of the same lifeline of Havay and employees, standardize configuration, strengthen the construction of safety management team; strengthen safety production management, implement the responsibility of safety production main body; actively promote the construction of double prevention system, and continue to carry out hidden dangers Investigate and manage, strengthen the management and control of major hazards, eliminate major accidents, regularly carry out emergency response drills, and improve the staff's ability to respond to actual combat; increase investment in safety facilities, add automatic firefighting facilities, and continuously improve safety levels. Pay close attention to safety work and lay a solid foundation for enterprise development.

Leaders and his team affirmed the safety work of the Havay Group, and emphasized that safety is the premise of enterprise development. There must be no relaxation or fluke; safety work is not the work of a certain department. It requires the attention of all staff and the participation of all staff to truly cast safety. Line of defense.

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