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Pharmaceutical product intermediates

Iodine series products & pharmaceutical series products are strategic products of the company's industrial chain extension, focusing on high-end pharmaceutical chemical industry applications, and now have the production capacity of a full series and large-scale inorganic iodized salt products. , The most competitive production enterprise.

Iodine series

The iodide series products mainly include potassium iodide, sodium iodide, rhodium iodide and other series products, which can be widely used in medicine, feed, analytical reagents and catalyst industries.

Iodic acid series

The iodic acid series products mainly include potassium iodate, calcium iodate, sodium iodate and sodium periodate. Used in the synthesis of pesticides, dyes, pharmaceuticals and other intermediates, nutritional additives, etc.

Hydroiodic acid

Hydroiodic acid can be used for analytical reagents and reducing agents (reduction of alkenyl silicon ethers, synthesis of α-trimethylsilyl ketones from α-trimethylsilyl epoxy compounds, cleavage of ethers, cyclization of polycyclic ketones or phenols into polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) Synthesize iodide and bactericide etc.

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