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Fine chemicals are the company's leading products in the field of high-end fine chemistry. The fine chemicals developed and produced by the company have the characteristics of new products, leading technology, safety and environmental protection, and high-end applications. At present, it has produced large-scale products such as diethyl sulfate and isooctanoic acid.

Solvent series-diethyl sulfate

Used to synthesize ethyl vanillin, commonly used as edible essence, perfume essence and soap essence;

Very important plant mutagens are used to breed new varieties, quickly and efficiently;

It is used to synthesize fine chemical intermediates such as medicine, paint and dye.

Carboxylic acid series-isooctanoic acid

Used to prepare various metal salts as a drier for coatings and paints;

Used in the production of esters, it can be used as chemical additives such as bactericides, preservatives, metal lubricants, gasoline additives, biological additives;

Used as thickener and gelling agent in rubber industry;

It is a high-quality material for synthesizing high-grade paint resin.

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